Saturday, June 13, 2020

Sleepy Hollow Trail FKT

This one was a family affair. Sadie and Tara played at the beach while I ran and we had a picnic when I finished. The trail was muddy and overgrown in spots, but that just added to the adventure and having my girls waiting for me at the finish made this my favorite FKT so far.

The official stats for the trail are 11.2 miles and 797' of elevation gain. I finished in 1:16:42.

This trail is notorious for flooding and the rainfall this week left it quite muddy with a few sections of standing water, but I've seen it much worse. The more challenging aspect involved the parts of the trail that were overgrown from lack of use. Sleepy Hollow State Park is typically a popular campground, but it has been closed all season due to COVID-19 and some sections of trail had narrowed considerably from overgrowth, while some parts had grass a foot high in the middle of the trail. A few trees down across the trail was evidence of less staff performing maintenance as well.

All of this combined to provide exactly the adventure I needed.

I went after a very flat, fast FKT last weekend, and I'm planning the same for next weekend, so it was good to get back to my roots with some real trail running. I'm planning to get back on the trails tomorrow for a longer effort. Logging miles on tired legs is an important part of my training.

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