Monday, June 15, 2020

10x Lake Lansing Trail FKT

This is my home trail, quite literally. My house is only a few hundred meters from an auxiliary trailhead, and my childhood home is right next to a different trailhead. I grew up playing in these woods and I've logged a lot of good miles on this loop.

The Lake Lansing Trail has been a popular proving ground for local runners for decades and I recently snagged the FKT for a single loop. The "Ten Loop" variation is special because it's just slightly over a 50K, making it an ideal route for ultra runners to test their fitness. 

My Garmin is always unreliable in these trails, but according to the maps and other runners’ GPS data, this route is 33.5 miles with 1,700’ of elevation gain. I finished in 4:12:29.

During the run I took in about 750 calories and 50oz of fluid. I stopped at my car once to resupply around mile 19 and carried the GoPro for a bit.
I'm definitely still feeling the Sleepy Hollow Trail FKT I did yesterday, but I wanted to log some miles on tired legs. I was inspired by Chaz Hornburg's crazy 90 miler on the Potawatomi Trail yesterday.

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