About Me

My name is Zach Crim. I'm a dad, husband, former Michigan State wrestler, unashamed Star Wars nerd, and Mountain-Ultra-Trail runner.

Age: 31

City: Haslett, MI

Speed Records

Raccoon Creek Loop FKT
Larch Mountain FKT
Larch Mountain Ascent FKT
Pike Lake 57K CR
Lighthouse 50 Mile CR
Arctic Frog 50 Mile CR
Lakelands Trail Out & Back FKT
Lakelands Trail FKT*
Polly Ann Trail FKT
Wadhams to Avoca Trail FKT
10x Lake Lansing Trail FKT
Sleepy Hollow Trail FKT*
Falling Waters Trail FKT
Triple Potawatomi Trail FKT*
Lake Lansing Trail FKT*
Winter Loops 4hr CR
Thru the Leaves 50K CR

*Record has since been broken.

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