Saturday, June 20, 2020

Wadhams to Avoca Trail FKT

This is another trail that's a bit too short to be in my wheelhouse, but it ends near Lake Huron so it was a good excuse for a day at the beach with my beautiful wife. Plus, I saw a lot of rabbits on the trail, which I always enjoy

Tara dropped me off at the trailhead around 7 a.m. so I could try to beat the heat, but it was beginning to get warm by the time I finished. I ran this trail southbound, so the first 7 miles were gravel and grass before the trail turned to pavement. This route is closer to 12.5 miles than the 12 listed on the FKT website, which made for a fun surprise. There is minimal elevation change and I finished in 1:18:01. This is a "rails to trails" path and within the first few miles I crossed an old trestle bridge with a nice view of the surrounding area and a valley below. The final trailhead is about 3 miles before the actual finish, so after I finished I used the jog back to the car as a little cooldown.

I carried 8oz of Nuun Endurance and a gel, which was definitely overkill. I would typically run this distance without calories or water, but I've been training a decent amount so I wasn't confident that I have much glycogen stored up in my muscles or was properly hydrated to begin with. I wore the New Balance Fuelcell Rebels today because the outsole pattern provides a bit more grip than most road shoes, which was beneficial on the gravel.

After I finished we went to the beach for a while to cool off in Lake Huron before getting lunch in downtown Port Huron.

This is my fourth FKT in the past 14 days and the cumulative fatigue is beginning to catch up with me. It may be time to dial it back a bit for the next 3 weeks until the Dirty Burg 50K.

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