Thursday, May 14, 2020

Lake Lansing Trail FKT

This is the shortest FKT in Michigan at 3.35 miles with 176' of elevation gain. It's far too short to be in my wheelhouse, but it's a great single-track trail and I do a lot of my training here, so I gave it a shot. The previous FKT had stood for 4 years, but I barely snuck past and beat it by 10 seconds (finishing in 20:18). I'm not accustomed to these short, fast efforts and I was already feeling it after the first climb less than a mile in. I thought the record was out of reach and coasted for a bit, until some quick mental math helped me realize that I still had a shot. I was able to close with a fast last mile while avoiding stumbling on the many roots covering the trail, which is the real key to posting a fast time on this route. I'd like to try this again someday and break 20 minutes, but for now I'll go back to my preferred 30+ mile efforts.

FKT Website (Lake Lansing Trail)

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